This call girl malarkey is HARD WORK

Who would have thought that being a call girl would be such a learning curve.  As an outsider you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s easy and fairly straight forward.  However, there is strategy and rules – it’s like an underworld, a subculture of its own.

Firstly, advertising…where to advertise and how not to get ripped off.  Because of the nature of escorting, it’s easy to be taken advantage of.  It’s not like you’re going to call out the rip off advertisers for failing to help you to be a hooker…er, you charged me x but only published my ad for half of that time meaning i didn’t get laid enough.  Blunt – but the reality of it – and they know this.  I had to spend time researching the which sites worked best and also the small print to make sure i didn’t miss the completely UN-obvious.

Then there is the advertising platform itself.  It takes days to work out how to ‘feature’, how to write your profile and the processes in general, such as those for booking and the different types of services.  The world has it’s own language too and translating is a real eye-opener … i mean, does anyone actually know what ‘snowballing’ is … well for now i’ll leave it to your imagination and all i can say is – don’t bother to google it!

Then there are the ‘rates’.  You’d think that you’d want to be competitive.  But, really – do you?!  Do you really want to feel that you have a ‘bargain basement’?  No, no and no!!  So you experiment with your rates.  Firstly, i looked at others but they were cheaper than anything i could ever even dream about selling my little toe for never mind my … well…you know.  But they are all ‘in call’ rates , meaning that the client goes to the escorts home.  I’m not comfortable with this.

This brings me on to ‘out calls’, the oposite to ‘in calls’  So, you go out to meet the client, at a restaurant, hotel or in their home.  But these are dearer and form my experience so far, men like in calls.  This is because they can escape and set time to indulge.  Anyway, with in calls as a no go for me i have to give consideration to travelling and also the destination.  Working in hotels would be ideal in terms of security, meeting clients in their home is somewhat different.

Then there is the issue of having ‘what you need’.  By this i mean clothing or any other things that you have to either purchase or take with you.  For example, supposing a client has a desire for black lingerie and states definitely no red and the perfect black stockings have a bright red seam  line running down the back.  Or maybe they want you to wear black gloves (for whatever reason) and you need to get them.  It seems like a small thing to you but to them it’s make or break and let’s face it – they are paying.

Then……then there’s the client themselves….. learning about them….the different types….the mistakes that are all so easy to fall victim to….the tricks they can pull of to con women…the secrecy that surrounds meeting someone you know nothing about…the warning signs to look out for……keeping yourself safe……IT IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT WORLD and i’m going to enjoy telling you all about the different character of men that make it.




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