A Rapist in Disguise

There are a lot of stories out there, and one in particular, where a (shall we afford the the title) male claims to be a sugar daddy SD … when in fact, what they really are are, are what we term, a salt daddy.  These males meet women on sites where the agreement is outwardly honest and usually involves rich men spoiling beautiful women.  However, a salt daddy is not wealthy but pretends to be in order to meet women and have sex with them.  Because this arrangement is not that of an escort with a client, the women wont ask for payment…instead they wait to start receiving gifts.  Salt daddies get women to sleep with them for free.

While some people may think that the female’s intentions may be wrong, by their nature these arrangements are open and direct…whereas the salt daddy’s actions are both fraudulent and manipulative.  What the salt daddy doesn’t see is that their actions are abusive and tantamount  to exploitation, verging on the periphery of rape; wold that person have consented to sex if they the basis for doing so was not completely fabricated?  Furthermore, regardless as to whether we agree that such arrangements exist, the direct honest of these women makes the vulnerable to the predatory behavior of salt daddies.

Another cavity within the salt daddy profile is filled with the rot of misogyny; these males have a hatred for women.   They are resentful because they are envious because these women are viewed the same as escorts and are perceived to make money effortlessly.  Aside from the fact that these women are not escorts, escorting in itself is certainly not easy…as you’ll read in my earlier blog.  These perverse males have an intrinsic desire to ‘keep women in their place’; almost teach them a lesson and to degrade them into submission.  Their actions scream, how dare you use what makes you innately attractive in order to make the type of money i could never make.  They are insanely threatened that a women could hold that power and their chauvinistic expectancy makes them feel that they have the right to come and take some of the power in any way possible.  I believe that these men are also called assholes.

But, here’s another complexity that exists when the world of escorting overlaps that of  the SD phenomenon; very often a sugar daddy will seek out an escort in order to buy their exclusivity.  This what happened to me.  However, this scenario was much more complex than i ever thought the world of adult work cold get.  I was approached through my escorting profile by a an who wanted an escort to consider retiring from adult work and consider an exclusive sugar daddy relationship.  If i’d have accepted, i’d have become a sugar babe and the whole rules of exchanging services for financial gain shifts completely.

This guy defiantly was 100% pure sugar.  But, thinking back, he never gave me his number and we communicated via email.  We met one morning at a nice bar, we had good conversation and flirted.  He was pleasant and a gentleman.  I decided we’d have st a quick moment in his car, just to heat him up and give him a tinsy tiny taster.  Just a five minute insight…that obviously resulted in a full grown conclusion to him.  I’d say it was almost effortless if it wasn’t for the fact that i’m a siren by nature.  After we spoke about what an amazing time we’d had and thanked one another for a lovely morning with good company.  That was when he placed quite a big clump of money in my hand and said…this is for you.

Wow … this is like having a normal relationship at arms length, with st one person, being spoiled and treated like a princess…and having someone there to at least help financially.  However, there were some signs, that weren’t warnings, but still existed in terms of understanding and learning about the mechanics of this secret world.  Some men want to have sex, are happy to pay for it, but cannot accept the stigma associated with what is essentially prostitution.  Opening a dialogue with the offerings of a SD relationship, in their minds, mitigates the murky connotations associated with paying for sex.

That evening, after we had met in the morning, i received a message saying he felt guilty and ashamed and had decided to leave the world of SD-ing in the past.  Was i sad, no … you see aside fro the whole SD relationship being a way of condoning using the services of an escort, it was also part of his kick, his preference.  It’s what he liked.  All clients have their own unique desires and fantasies and this was his, almost like a role-play scenario.   He payed me and payed me well and treated me with respect.


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