Sex or Coffee…?

Oh my word … what is it with these men??  They log on to an escort site, ask if they can make a booking and then ask if hey can meet for a coffee.  Why?!  You’re paying for my time, so unless you want it to be the most priciest cuppa you’ve ever had – no.

It’s like ordering a pair of running shoes online, then asking if you can wear them on a casual walk to the park before deciding to buy – no.  All of these men ask to go for a coffee but none of them offer to pay…my rates are for my time.  I have a business to run, i escort to allow me time to focus on that.  You work to pay your way in life, why is my time worth any lass than yours?  It takes time to arrange to go out for a coffee, i’m not wanting a social life from these people, i want to make money.

This is a new lesson for me…it’s like a guy who wants to send endless emails and texts with no obvious intention of arranging a meet, yet he entitles his initial message as ‘booking’.  Yes that’s right, it’s totally appropriate, let’s all go out or coffee with someone where the initial contact was based upon exchanging sex for money…because that so normal – not.

They are meeting a sexy girl for coffee or they are exchanging saucy emails with an escort … these are the things that most escorts charge men for…you’re getting turned on from sexy emails or getting off from meeting a gorgeous girl for coffee, therefore i’m providing you a service.  If that is morally disagreeable to you then don’t search for, subscribe to, and message a girl through, an escort site.

Of course there has to be some level of messaging to arrange to meet but i have now learned to spot a coffee lover from around about the second message.  And i’ve  learned to keep reverting back to agreeing a date and time.  I’m not an escort until we meet.

I say… go off and ask another escort to meet for coffee.  Most of them only provide in call because it is not worth their while to go out to meet a client at a hotel or in their own home… they most certainly won’t give a potential client their time to come out of the house for free, to meet for a coffee.

And so, this is my latest learning curve…the coffee lovers.



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