Stopping by for sex…

Although i don’t really get time to do much escorting, i have learned so much from the small number of times i’ve met with clients and from the vast amount of correspondence with them.  I’ve always limited my call girl work because i’m picky.  I might be doing it for a bit of additional income but i have high standards and they don’t budge just because i need work.

Another reason why i don’t do this often is because i have the highest fees around to help separate those men who i won’t see to those that i will.  I’m not into men who want a quick shag; it has to be those that want memorable sex and they pay for it because they get that exclusivity from a girl that doesn’t operate in a ‘conveyor-belt style’.  Of the men i’ve seen so far, they always come back…because i’m good at what i do and because  – i’m nothing like ‘all the other girls’.

I do look after myself and i do have an amazing figure – but you don’t have to have a great body to be a call girl and that’s not because men like all shapes and sizes – it’s because all men like sex.  It’s the same for performance; you don’t have to be good in the sack to be an escort, you just have to have the goods.  But i have both, the body and the skills to get any man weak at the knees and that’s what sets me above the rest; what enables me to charge higher; what makes me able to be choosy and take my pick.

Don’t get me wrong, i’ve wrote many times over in my blog as to how much of a dam hard learning curve the world of escorting offers.  It’s hard to find your feet and pitch your worth when you’re working alone and my advice is to go in hard and soften up where you need to as it’s always almost impossible to go in soft and then toughen up.

Another factor that has limited my work is the fact that i have only ever offered what we call ‘outcalls’, meaning that i go out to meet clients as opposed to accommodating in my home, also known as an ‘incall’.  At first i refused incalls because my new house wasn’t ready; it’s still having a huge amount of renovation done to it.  Secondly, i just wasn’t ready to draw a blurred line between work and homelife.  However, that thought process soon changed when i got used to working from home having started my own business.

Another big reason for not initially offering incall was the fact that i wasn’t at that early stage able to fully ensure the caliber of men that i’d ultimately let into my home.  Now i’m much more astute at sussing this out i began to give more consideration to offering incall.  When i though about it, i realised that men like the thought of ‘getting away’ from day-to-day reality and quite like the idea of just being able to ‘stop by for sex’.

I thought of my house and the fact that it wasn’t yet finished, despite how beautiful it is.  Then i swapped to think like a man.  Men aren’t interested in whether a freshly plastered wall still needs another layer of undercoat or whether your electrics still need wiring up – they are instead more interested in making sure you get laid instead of your new solid wood parquet.

My bedroom is beautiful; i am beautiful … bingo!  So i decided to test drive my first incall by inviting a guy who i had been messaging for a good space of time, long enough to know he was decent and what i class to be a good client.

We had decided to meet last Sunday afternoon for some fun.  He explained that he was nervous but excited.  He told me what he’d like me to be wearing and i obliged, preparing with my most classy Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, stocking, panties and a very opulent bra that caressed my assets in the most marvelous of ways.  I assured him he had nothing to be nervous about and to just get geared up to enjoy me.

He turned up and i didn’t feel that intrusiveness i thought i’d feel by offering an incall.  I’m confident and enjoy sex and so when he walked in the house i was quite exited and felt somewhat exhilarated.  I could tell he was nervous but too overwhelmed with lust for me.  The practicalities had to be taken care of first and we smoothed over those aspects with small talk as we walked to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, i took his coat and i could see him looking around as if consumed by the whole situation, like a child in a candy shop.  He was ten years older than me but didn’t look it.  I lay him on the bed fully clothed and straddled over him to kiss him softly on the lips…i could almost taste his heartbeat and the look in his eyes as he opened them momentarily, as they rolled back in ecstasy, was of passion and of complete contentedness.  I just knew that he was going to enjoy every minute and second of his hour with me.  As i ordered him to stand up and take his clothes off i heard his breath quicken as it took him some time to realise what i’d just said…

…he’s already made his second booking.



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