Spicing things up!

Last weekend i spent a whole day updating my escort profile.  Firstly, was the photoshoot… basically a set of photos taken by myself.  I emptied all of my secret sexy box and scattered the contents across my dressing room.  Back seam stockings and suspender belts strewn across my vintage french armoire  dresser, Agent Provocateur’s finest dotted my whitewash floorboards and  a selection of tiny panties lay over the back of my office desk and chair … but there was something missing.

After admiring my stream of very erotic and explicit photos, i popped the kettle on and began to think.  I need to make things much clearer.  I’m sick of wasting time weeding out those clients that i wouldn’t ever entertain and finding those who are actually worthy.  A list of ‘don’t dos’:  1. i don’t do car meets 2. i don’t do ‘quickies’ 3. i don’t do swo (sex without protection)….. I DON’T, I DON’T, I DON’T.  What i expect:  1. i expect notice  2. i expect payment up front 3. i expect respect and consideration 4. i expect you to turn up on time.  Rules:  1. don’t contact me unless you absolutely want to meet up, if you’re still thinking about if it’s for you- contact me when you’ve made your mind up 2. absolutely NEVER ask me to provide a discount as it will be received as an insult – if you need to ask me, you can’t afford me … there are many of other escorts who will oblige at a cut-rate cost – i do not 3. you must maintain scrupulous levels of cleanliness at all times and always smell luxurious FAQs: 1. why do i not have reviews?  I am not a tourist attraction not a well used product – so i don’t come with reviews … if hundreds of reviews are what assure you – then there are hundreds of escorts with thousands of reviews.

What a bitch!!! I thought.  What a stuck-up bitch.  But it’s me and what you see is what you get …  here in my beautiful home, offering the use of my facilities and complete discretion…there was no way i was about to put up with any silly men who get a kick out of contacting a hooker and then never actually having any intention of finding the balls to meet up – let along pay the money for it.  After taking the time to reflect upon how refreshing it was to lay the law down, i submitted the updates to my profile along with my new show-reel.  I sat back and took the last sip of my tea – all done and about time.

“Do you dominate?”  : one after the other enquiries came, with requests ranging from bottom spanking to taking a little doggie for walkies and providing tummy tickles.  Suddenly, something resonated … my strong and authoritarian professional role suddenly didn’t seem so conflicting compared to my new secret life as an escort.  And you know what was even more surprising … just how naturally i assumed the role of Mistress Lucy.  Very naturally came my organically raw reply:  “If you’re lucky enough, then i might let you lick my boots and if i find you pathetic enough i might even spend some time laughing at you wearing my silky panties, which you will love and be so grateful for… and -it’s Mistress to you.”

The sub/dom culture is very complex.  It’s a totally different sexual mindset to ‘can we meet for a 15 minute quickie’.  It’s a man who knows what he likes and has a deep desire to fulfil some very erotic needs.  With the same token, a femme dominatrix is a also a deeply intricate  and sexy persona.  You can have a ‘pro’ dom and a ‘personal’ dom … basically one that works as a professional dom assumes the role of a dominatrix in a professional capacity for the duration of an arranged play session.  A personal dom will assume the role of a dominatrix as a life choice so a play session will become an exercise as part of a life relationship.  I soon realised that although there was an obvious and almost innate attraction to this type of lifestyle, i would have to invest time into ensuring that i do justice to this very complex culture.  I also realised that i would be a newbie!

I have spent this weekend compiling a very kinky shopping list and enjoyed every minute – from floggers, collars, cuffs and all sorts of toys to full body catsuits, latex dresses, gloves and stockings.  This is my new project.  The sheer volume of requests for appointments has really overwhelmed me and it’s showing me even more, with each passing week, that i cannot physically do both this and my professional work.  But with no corporate assholes, regulations, boring meetings and rules and at least seven times the income and seven times less working hours – i think i know which way i’m headed.

Being a dominatrix is actually something to aspire to, something that you can perfect like a pro – finally a challenge.  It would seem that Mistress Lucy has been born…watch this space….



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