Escorting isn’t always Pretty…

Here’s something that’s never really mentioned much in the world of escorting…what about if you meet a client who is just…er…not just your ‘type’ but is (being polite) the direct oposite?

You learn a lot when you start escorting and you learn it relatively quick.  You learn quick because each lesson is personal and costly.  It can leave it’s mark emotionally and psychologically.  You can pick-up what i call the collateral damage and put it in your pocket, but it’s still there.  There can be times when i’m driving down the road and certain times will come and revisit me and not in a nice way.  I’m tough, emotionally, like a stone…the kind of person whose friends say has a swinging brick as a heart.  This is of course in relation to myself – outside of that i’m compassionate and kind. I’ve had to be hard to come through what i have and to and, of course, ended up where i am.

So, you can choose, you can pick, you can list you preferences and point blank refuse to see clients.  As I’ve said before, despite being the one being paid, it is the woman who is in control; money equal power in any case.  However, sometimes, meeting clients for the first time, and so in the early days, and especially when you’re still finding your feet and learning, you may find yourself in a situation that emerges whereby you just don’t ‘like’ that person you’re in a highly personal situation with.  You can’t always say why you don’t like them.  It’s not because they are being disrespectful or because they are a risk – because that would be a straight no but you just don’t like them and you can feel quite afflicted.

Those situations will only happen once with that person and you learn to avoid the likeliness of  them happening again but the fact is is that they have happened – and they do their damage.  I’d be lying if i told you that i had anticipated the extent to which this would impact.  I’d like to relive the feeling to explain to those who are thinking of going into escorting, i feel it would be irresponsible to paint the job as without it’s downsides.

The feeling is of abuse.  The type of feeling where the first thing you want to do is spend hours stood in the shower gripping on to the soap and pressing it over parts of your body time and time again; where you strip your covers and bundle them into the washer; pin open your windows to get rid of any smell, where you stand in front of the mirror and think about what you have become; looking deep into your own eyes and having no emotional resonance with what you see.  That’s afterwards.  During: sick; repulsed; time moves slowly; every sensory input is agonisingly heightened; there is no escape; suffocating; every fiber of your body is screaming for him to stop and you have to quench that urge right at the tip of your tongue because it’s right there!  Just take it from me, the girl with no emotion and award-winning ability to detach like no other, the feeling is horrendous – Horrible…. now can i stop at asking you to imagine daddy pig, plus perspiration, blob and squelch himself into a state of heightened excitement right on top of you  – YESSSS STOPPPPPP i hear you sayyyyy!!!  Okay – i have achieved my objective and really, there is someone for everyone otherwise we wouldn’t be graced with the wonderfulness that is Peppa.

Don’t get me wrong, some things you do learn to cope with, you do get used to like you do with any job or with anything in life.  However, there exists that line between tolerable and then well….just unbearable and the line is fine to invisible.  The lesson is to be more specific in the early moments with new clients and things do get easier as you get your regulars so to speak.  However, i do have to say that this is my biggest lesson so far and the biggest reminder that, despite how quickly you learn, i’m still new to this world.  Most definitely this is going to be my biggest focus moving forward.

The other factor in all of this is area, where you’re located or where your clients reside.  Clients like to meet someone close to nearby, that’s why most girls travel and stay for short periods of time in different locations.  Obviously this promotes the fact that you’re likely to meet clients for the first time hence opening up vulnerability however the location has been chosen to avoid a certain type of clientele.  Maybe my next project might have to double up as a working girl’s holiday … it’s a good job that this work pays enough for decent counselling because at this rate i’m going to need it hahaha!


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