The filthier the better…

I want to talk about men and filth.  Most of my posts log a journey but some simply stop by to make an observation along the way.

I was having a chat with my very best girl friend just yesterday.  No topic is taboo and we usually result to talking about men and sex.  She works as a lapdancer and is a beautiful person inside and out.

All of our conversations last in the region of one to four hours, resort to filthy language and  and erupt in hysterics.  A contest of who can be as flippantly vulgar with their anecdotal verbal reenactments from the night before or whenever the last sexual encounter was.  Tummy clinching, breach fizzing, witchy cackling laughter prompted by pure filth.

Anal sex. Ass fucking.  Why do men love it so much?  Basically, she’s been with a guy just recently and they had got it on anally.  Now, most girls think, what if… and there are a LOT of ‘what ifs’.  BUT… but that wasn’t the focus here…instead the focus was upon the fact that men, and pardon the choice of words here, just don’t simply give a shit about the potential consequences.  Even one eighteenth of the the way towards total fuck-up would equal total devastation for most women…okay yes it’s that over thought by the female species causes them to have their own mathematical formula for risk analysis.

I have to say this…and here’s what throws my calculations off every time, anal sex is A-MA-ZING.  Mindbowingly so.  Definitely worth bringing up my own personal risk assessment threshold cut-off point to twelve eighteenths.

But again…why are men willing to jeopardize the all eighteen pieces of that great big dirty pie?

“I reckon it’s because it’s much tighter up there.” she suggested thinking that saying it in a slightly higher octave would convince both her and me and we could settle the debate and expel the mystery…in an attempt to trivialise the very obvious attraction that men seem to have for anal action that is all the more mystified by women’s lack of understanding of their lust for it.

“No way!” was my reply.  IT’S THE FILTH.  Men love filth, pure and simple.  Their need for filth is actually multidimensional.  I’m laughing writing this but it’s true.  It’s the thought of what the woman is allowing them to do; something different; something ‘not meant to be’.  Obviously this is intensified by the fact that it’s something different and new, something visually stimulating or at least distinctly and technically dirty…all of which are important to men.

To make it even more vulgar and almost mechanical, void of the emotional investment that most women require during sex, there is no chance of pregnancy and so the act is of pure primitive need, or even right, to be sexually fulfilled.  This really resonates with men’s primal instincts showing more so that they naturally desire filthy sex.

Just to bring this full circle, near enough every client i see, no matter whether dominant, less so or in between, whether nervous confident, a newby or dab-hand, they all love filth.

You start off with perfect lipstick, hair and makeup but their utter ecstasy is to have you on your knees hair between their fingers as they hold your head, smudging that bright read lipstick by pressing it against their ready to explode manhood with a mixture of spit and pre-cum smeared across a pretty and attentive face that is peering up at them with mouth wide open…


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