That Favourite Client…

There’s always a favourite client.  I’m going t talk about him here.  What makes him my favourite? Hmmmm….

Well he doesn’t assume; he get’s his communication spot on.  Texting is important, he doesn’t over text; like he doesn’t text when he doesn’t really need to, which makes me feel like saying: hello, i’m a hooker not your girlfriend, now back off …yet he doesn’t lack text in a way that makes me question his if he is a neanderthal that has stumbled across a mobile phone:  “me…need sex – now” …that kind of thing.

He’s cute.  Something i can’t explain.  Shy but not insecure.  Or, is he shy…?  Hmmm, no, just quiet but in a nice reassuring way.  Quiet?  No, not quiet either, just sweet, what he does say is kind of amusing, but in an endearing way.  It’s just nice to be with him for that short period of time.  Just nice.  It’s not a struggle; what to say; how to say it; when to say it.  I suppose he’s… normal!  He just want’s sex.

He’s fit.  His hair, sounds stupid actually but it’s always perfect.  In fact, i’m always amazed that it’s still perfectly in place after we’ve finished the most heated sex ever.  His body is tasty, not like a supermodel but just everyday tasty – like just…yummy.  You can tell he looks after himself.  He comes to see me on his lunch and so i see the way he dresses in the everyday and he’s very smart and i like that.  He usually sees me on a Friday and i can tell i’m his favourite little treat; his little end-of-week reward.  What other job involves being such a super-sexy feel good factor quite like mine.

He’s such a good fuck.  Yep, i enjoy the sex as much as him.  We always have such a horny teasing session of foreplay … how he manages to take off his clothes in such a short period of time i have no idea hahaha.  The kissing and the teasing while i stride over him on all fours just before i let him reach down to feel how wet it is between my legs and release my big breasts from my bra into his face.  When the time comes were i whisper in his ear, “Are you ready to be inside me?” the fucking that follows is mind-blowing.

The best thing though is this, i always get that text, “Hi sexy, are you available tomorrow lunchtime?” … yes, we get to do it all over again; he always comes back.




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